Statements to the Media

Only Trustees or the Chief Executive are authorised to give statements about our business or matters connected with our business to reporters from the newspapers, radio, television etc.

Employees should not make unauthorised statements on any social media, internet site or social networking media. Any request from any representative of the media for information, statements or comment about our business must be referred to the Chief Executive.

Intellectual Property Rights

Any invention, improvement, design, process, information, copyright work, trade mark or trade name or set-up made, created or discovered by you in the course of your employment (whether capable of being patented or registered or not) relating to our business or capable of being used or adapted for use in or in connection with our business shall be disclosed immediately to a member of management and shall (subject to section 39 to 43 Patents Act 1977) belong to it and be its absolute property.

Data protection

In order to fulfil individuals’ contracts of employment, monitor sickness, performance, equal opportunities and otherwise administer our business, we will use and process personal information relating to you which we have obtained during the course of your employment. Such information includes, but is not limited to the following:

- Employment history;
- Personal circumstances;
- Educational qualifications;
- Sickness records;
- Medical records;
- Accident reports;
- Attendance records;
- Convictions;
- Performance appraisals;
- Disciplinary records;
- Ethnic or racial origins;
- Salaries; and
- Benefits.

In most cases you will have provided such information. In others, the information has been provided by management, other employees, external referees, or in the case of medical records, your doctor or occupational health.

We hold this personal data about you confidentially and will only disclose it to others where there is a need to do so, e.g. to give information about your earnings to Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs.

In addition, sensitive data such as information about your health, racial or ethnic origins, criminal convictions, trade union membership, political or religious belief may also be stored and processed, and you give your express consent to any such processing by signing and returning the receipt at the end of this document.

Under the legislation, you are entitled to have access to certain personal data held about you. If you require access, you should contact your manager. The request should be made in writing specifying the information required. An administration fee of £10 may be charged for dealing with a request.

The information shall be provided to you within 40 days of us receiving the administration fee and written request, or the provision by you of additional information where this is requested by ourselves.