March 3rd is I want you to be happy day; It’s all about giving people a chance to brighten someone else’s day with just simple acts of kindness. Try to reach out to those that need someone to talk to - especially because of the pandemic – many people have found themselves to be isolated so a simple act of kindness could be give them a call and make their day. If you are stuck for ideas then do not worry we’ve got you covered:


Say Hello

Just a simple hello is a great way to brighten someone’s day. Reach out, give them a call over the phone or through video chat – this can mean the world to someone that has been feeling isolated throughout the pandemic.


Put a smiles on someone’s face by showing that you were thinking of them. Order flowers to their home or get them a surprise gift, just that extra step to make them happy and showing that thoughtfulness does go a long way.


Encourage someone and let them know they are worth it. Many jobs can be thankless but this is a great way to make me happy and that all the work they put in is worth it.


Pay it forward, just show kindness to others, help someone elderly do their shopping or pay for someone’s meal. Showing kindness will often cause others to show it to others too.

 Get creative

Why not make yourself happy and get creative, paint a picture, do some crafting or even treat yourself. Don’t forget it important to keep spirits high.

So there you have it! Some great ideas to spread kindness on March 3rd. Let us know on twitter how you plan to share kindness on “I want you to be happy day”!