Friday 12th February is the Chinese New Year, with this year being the year of the Ox. Let’s take a look at what that symbolises.


The Ox

Being born into the Year of the Ox generally symbolises having an honest nature. Ox’s are known for being diligent, dependable, showing strength and determination. It is also said that people being Ox’s have patience and strive to achieve their goals – that they usually do.

The downside is that Ox’s have weak communication skills and are extremely stubborn.

How is it celebrated?

The Chinese New Year is a celebration that lasts for two weeks, which is all about being with your family and eating feasts of delicious food as well as wishing for a joyous, prosperous year filled with good fortune.

The home will be decorated with plants, poetry and food to bring happiness and good luck. This is a New Year tradition, as it is a good way to begin a year with high spirits and boons.


  Have a great Chinese New Year – Stay Safe and celebrate it virtually!