Grandparent's day (UK) is celebrated on the first of October and this year that day lands on the 3rd. The day is not as widely celebrated as Mother's or Father's Day - but it is just as important, not to mention in recent years it's becoming just as popular as its counter parts.

This is a wonderful opportunity to show how much you appreciate your grandparents, not just because it's becoming more common to see the elder members of the family interacting with the younger members; but because through 2020 it was unbearable to see families separated because of government restrictions (due to covid). While it did keep us safe, the elderly, our grandparents may have struggled not seeing their loved ones as often as they would like.

Sunday 3rd October is a great way to make up for that lost time! Why not visit your Grandparents with some nice flowers and spend the day with them, visit a cafe - even if its just for a few hours, it would make the biggest difference. If you are not able to spend that precious time with them then let them know over the phone how much they mean to you. Or, use services like Moonpig or Card Factory order something nice to send over to them!

Remember, while restrictions have been lifted, Covid has not gone; so please take care if you do go out and keep yourselves and your loved ones safe.

Tell us how you spent your day with your Grandparents over on twitter @lenchs-trust. We look forward to what you share!