A big thank you!

This year Grandparent's Day is celebrated on Sunday 4th October - the first Sunday of the month in the UK. In America, this day is celebrated earlier in the year on Sunday 13th September. This day is not as well-known as Mother's Day and Father's Day but in recent year Grandparent's Day is becoming just as popular with its counter parts.

This is a lovely opportunity to show how much you appreciate your Grandparents as they are closely intertwined with families nowadays and often look after children as much as their parents do. So get them a card and flowers celebrating this day and letting them know how much you care for them. Due to the climate with social distancing, you may not be able to visit your Grandparents so give them a call instead and talk to them or (if they are tech savvy) send an Ecard instead.

Feel free to share what you have done to celebrate Grandparent's Day with us @lenchs-trust on twitter!