Many businesses are opening back up now in Birmingham, and you are probably eager to get out there and catch up on all the meals and movies you have missed. This article list off some of the best places you can go right now to stay safe while having fun!

This list will have a mixture of bars, cinemas and restaurants you can visit during these times. All places mentioned in this list have ensured that the place is clean and have put up the correct procedures in place to keep a pleasant socially distanced environment:

The ‘Wetherspoon’ group, i.e. The Square peg

All pub restaurants apart of the Wetherspoon name have been extremely thorough and open with every procedure to keep their businesses safe.

Firstly, they have restricted their capacity and even advised people to visit on the quieter days like Sunday – Thursday to guarantee a safer environment. Fridays and Saturdays are almost always at full capacity.

On arrival to these pubs, you will be required to wash your hands and avoid shaking hands with others. Furthermore a dedicated staff member that will sanitise surfaces throughout the opening times.

Social distancing is of course important, to enforce this the bar has been split up into small sections to allow one person at a time to order; When you pay however it is encouraged you use the Wetherspoons app to make payment as safe as possible.

With these procedures in place you can guarantee a nice meal and a pint and stay safe… of course, it is highly recommended that you stay at home.


Over the past few months many good films have been put on hold, (there is only so much of Netflix you can watch) but from the 4th July cinemas such at the Odeon have re-opened and let people catch up on the films they have missed.

Within these Cinemas they have limited the amount of seats you can buy in order to enforce the social distancing. They are also staggering the show times to reduced queues and allow safe queuing procedures, with floor markings etc. Do not worry however; they expect groups of people to attend so there will be proper spacing between these groups.

They have stated that all cinema teams have been trained in new safety and hygiene measures to combat Covid-19. Hygiene stations will be scattered throughout to ensure customers have clean hands. Additionally tickets will have to book online to keep contact with others low.

So if you are hoping to see a movie (though I would recommend you wait for the Blu-ray) , you can with these safety measures in place.

Coffee shops:

Many hardworking people throughout these past months have missed their daily coffee fix. However, no more! As coffee shops, those like Café Nero and Starbuck have opened; you can now visit them again. Many of them have carefully considered how they will operate their stores in order to keep both their team and customers safe.

Every 30 minutes a team member will clean all the surfaces within the store. Moreover, as expected have social distancing measures in place (1m distancing for some places such as Café Nero).

Coffee shops will only accept cashless payments or encourage you to download their respected apps to pre-order and reduce any interaction further. All drinks will only be served in take-away cups and bags.


However, shops have been open (but on a limited timetable) for some time but it is important to enforce their safety procedures now more than ever as more people come out of lockdown. Stores for a while have had stickers all over the shop floor letting people know what side of the aisle they should be walking on, and where to stand when queueing. Most stores have a staff member at the entrance to their stores assess the number of people that will be in the store at any one moment.

If you are going for an online shop, you will have to wait in order to get a slot but it is the safest method. You are limited to 95 items and are not allowed to have more than three units of any given item. This is done to ensure that there is enough stock for everyone and that one single person cannot buy out all of the toilet rolls again.


To conclude, here is the list of safe places we recommend going if you do go out for fun, or even just for your daily shop run. These are difficult time but everyone has been itching to get out there and hit the town…but it is still vital to follow these procedures to keep you safe and the others around you.