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Most of this year (2020) has been not pleasant for the most part for all of us, there has been many events around the world that have impacted people terribly whether it be the bush/wildfires in Australia and America's West Coast or the horrific pandemic that has made a huge impact to people's lives. With the latter having people go into lockdown, for the safety of themselves and for others around them. Because of that, there have been many cancelled plans and incredible boredom for some with the lack of much social interaction (especially for single person families). This article aims to share a few facts about the United Kingdom and hope to get the mind boggling in hopes to alleviate some of the boredom. So get your thinking caps on and be ready for some of the puzzles/quiz at the end of the article!

So let us get started - Did you know this about the United Kingdom?

    • Did you know the second longest place name in the world is in Wales? That is correct a Welsh town called: Llanfairpwllgwyngyll holds the second longest place name. Though if you think that is long you should see the longest!

    • Did you know that the oldest building in the UK is on the Orkney Isle of Scotland at Skara Brae; this is a small prehistoric village and is quite special due to its well kept state of preservation. It is estimated that the village was used somewhere between 3100 B.C. - 2500 B.C. 

    • Did you know that Winston Churchill was terrible at school, minus a few subjects like English and History. He even failed his entrance exams twice to get into the Royal Military College. Of course that was before he was known as Britain's most famous Prime Minister.

    • It is not very surprising to hear that England drinks more tea than many other cultures worldwide. One of the few tea drinkers that beat us on that is the Irish.

    • Though Britain and France have been long-lasting rivals many legal, political and military terms are taken from the French and used in the English language too.

    • Did you know that the Scottish national animal is the Unicorn? It may sound strange but the Unicorn was chosen as it is the natural enemy of the Lion, the symbol of the English Royal Family.

    • Over many years Scotland has been home to the legend of the Loch Ness Monster. Many people have claimed to have seen it but, did you know its description matches that of a prehistoric marine dinosaur, so it could be its descendant.

    • It is technically illegal to go to the cinema on Sundays in Northern Ireland according to the Sunday Observance Act of 1780, though these days that act is not really enforced (much).

      • A large number of Roman Roads in England have cherry trees alongside them. This is because (or how the story goes) it is from the cherry stones spat from the soldiers.

    • It was King James I that proposed one flag for the joining of Scotland and England, it was then created and known as King James' Union Flag, of course we now know it as the Union Jack. 

These are some interesting facts about the United Kingdom, but it is time to test your knowledge with a crossword! Using what you have learned here to complete it the best you can.

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