Sunday 27th June to Saturday 3rd July is Deafblind Awareness Week, it's aim is to help raise awareness to those affected face and aim to help raise awareness of deafblindness. Within the UK around 400,000 people are affected by sight and hearing loss, affecting everyone differently.

Anyone affected will find everyday activities difficult and time consuming. Even doing simple tasks that you might take for granted can be extremely challenging for those affected by deafblindness.

Deafblind.org is asking everyone through this week to share some stories of deafblindness to help raise awareness. Allowing more people to understand the condition and making life a little easier for people that are affected by it.

Deafblind.org couldn't have said it better "By working together, we can make a huge difference!"

Share these stories, help raise awareness!

We want to help spread the word during Deafblind awareness Week by sharing some of the videos Deafblind.org have provided on their site. These stories are those of Molly, Jack and John - they bring attention to the fact that everyone experiences deafblindness in different ways.

Once you have heard their stories please share them on! The more people we can raise awareness to the better!

Molly's Story


Jack's Story

John's Story

We are supporting Deafblind Awareness Week


Please visit this link and help raise awareness.