As part of your duties, you are likely to make use of our computer systems and therefore you should be aware of our Computer Policy as set out below.

General Rules

- You are not permitted to use our computers for personal use. The term ‘computer’ is also deemed to include peripheral devices such as printers, storage devices, and scanners.
- You are responsible for making sure that any faults or problems that occur whilst you are using the computers are reported to your line manager.
- If you have access to confidential information and/or data on the computers, you must ensure that such information and/or data remains confidential and is kept secure.
- If you have been issued with a password that gives you access to the computers or any part of our computer systems, you must keep the password confidential. It can only be given to another person with the written permission of management.
- Unless you have the written permission of management, you are not permitted to make or distribute copies of any software on the computers, particularly when copying such software will amount to a breach of copyright.
- If you need to make copies of information so that you can work on your home computer, you will need the prior permission of management.
- You may only load onto the computers, software which has been authorised by management.
- We consider the following as examples of inappropriate use of its computers; engaging in on-line chat rooms, on-line gambling sites and pornographic sites, social networking for personal use, blogging, forwarding of electronic chain letters or similar material. Such use will be dealt with under the disciplinary procedure and may result in disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal without notice for gross misconduct.
- Our email system is intended to promote our business by making communication more effective. You should only use this system for legitimate business purposes. You are not permitted under any circumstance to use your work provided email address for personal purposes.
- Any email that you send through our computer systems or mobile telephones are our intellectual property. We reserve the right to retrieve all emails or monitor internet usage for any reason permitted by law.
- If you receive an email that was not meant for you, you should immediately notify the sender and delete the message. If you receive an email that has inappropriate contents, you should notify the Organisation's Systems Manager at Head Office immediately.
- If you deliberately or knowingly misuse our computer or email system, we may consider this to be gross misconduct. We will not tolerate the sending of emails that are malicious, untrue, obscene, defamatory or in any way offensive. We will operate our disciplinary procedure in respect of any such misuse.

- Anyone found visiting pornographic or illegal sites, downloading or circulating pornographic or illegal material will be subject to disciplinary action and if necessary the police will be informed. We consider such actions to be gross misconduct offences which can lead to your dismissal without notice.
Anyone found downloading or circulating other non-business material including films and music will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including gross misconduct which can lead to your dismissal without notice.

Monitoring of electronic communications

In accordance with the law we will exercise our right to intercept and monitor electronic communications received by and sent from employees such as telephone calls, text and email messages. This may be to monitor criminal or unauthorised use, viruses, threats to the computer system, or to ensure the effectiveness of its operations and compliance with our policies and procedures.


We require employees to understand the potential for breaches of confidentiality and abuse of others when using social networking websites (such as ‘Facebook’ or ‘Twitter’).
The Company allows you to use social networking websites whilst at work but only during authorised breaks or before and after your designated start and finish times, subject to the following rules/and also expects the following rules to be adhered to should you use such sites outside of work.


You must not discuss or make direct or indirect reference to our business, your work, colleagues, suppliers or service users, Whether potential or current, or any associated business on social networking sites. This is essential so as to preserve the confidentiality and security of all concerned.

Staff should not do anything to jeopardise our confidential information and intellectual property through the use of social media. You should not use our logos, brand names, slogans or other trademarks, or post any of our confidential information.

Discussions Regarding Your Employment

Entering into discussions about your activities at work when you are outside of work may be misinterpreted and, therefore you are required not to make any comments if they could be related to our business or your work in any way. Even making general comments about your time at work could be misconstrued.

You should not make any comments that are derogatory or may bring reputation of the business, or anyone associated with it into disrepute.

Staff should make it clear in social media postings that they are speaking on their own behalf. You should write in the first person and use a personal e-mail address when communicating via social media.

If you see content in social media that disparages or reflects poorly on our business, you should contact a member of management as soon as possible.

Bullying and Harassment

Employees should not use social networking websites to harass, intimidate or discriminate against any other employee in breach of our Prevention of Harassment and Bullying Policy or our Equal Opportunity Policy.

Breach of this Policy

Any employee found to be in breach of this policy or the above mentioned policies may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal without notice for gross misconduct where circumstances warrant it.

If you are unsure about your obligations under this policy, or wish to discuss this in more detail, please speak to a member of management.

This policy should be read in conjunction with the Equal Opportunity Statement and Positive Work Environment Policy.