It is your responsibility to familiarise yourself with the following rules and procedures. Any breaches will result in action being taken in accordance with the Disciplinary Procedure. If you have any concerns or require clarification on any issue(s), please raise them with management.

The Organisation may need to change the rules from time to time and any such changes will be notified to you as appropriate.

General Rules (This list is not exhaustive)

You must conduct yourself and perform your work at all times in a manner that is in the interests of the Organisation. Any conduct detrimental to its interests or its relations with any third party, or damaging to its public image, shall be considered to be a breach of the Organisation's rules.

You have an obligation to ensure that you do not act in a manner, which could be considered to be of an unlawful discriminatory nature, which includes harassment and bullying.

You are expected to achieve and maintain a good standard of work and cleanliness and to show a conscientious approach to the job or to the detail of that job to a standard that may reasonably be expected.

You are expected to show the skill or aptitude required for the job, especially where such skills are claimed or implied at the time your employment commenced.

You are expected to read and observe all authorised notices that are displayed by the Organisation.

You must not perform, arrange or carry out any work or activity (paid, unpaid or otherwise), which could be considered to be in competition with or affect in any way the Organisation's interests, without express written permission from the Organisation.

You are engaged on the basis that you must be prepared to undertake reasonable duties other than those for which you have been specifically engaged, either on a temporary or permanent basis to ensure maximum efficiency.

You must not make use of the organisation’s telephones, faxes, e-mail or postal facilities or any other communication mode for personal purposes without the prior permission of management. You must adhere to the Organisation's policy with regard to the use of mobile phones.

You are not permitted to remove material or equipment of any kind from the Organisation without prior permission from management.

You must notify the Organisation immediately of any incident causing damage to property belonging to the Organisation (e.g. building, machinery and equipment) or to the property of fellow employees, residents, service users or visitors.

Employees must not accept money from residents of any value as a gift. Gifts or gratuities other than cash may be accepted, the receipt of such must be recorded in the Day Book.

Working time and/or the Organisation's material or equipment must not be used for any unauthorised work.

You must act in accordance with the Organisation's working procedures.

Personal hygiene and appearance must be of a very high standard.

Visitors are not allowed onto the premises at any time without prior authority.

Socialising is not permitted on the premises without prior authorisation.

An orderly and courteous manner must be maintained in front of residents, service users, suppliers, visitors and colleagues.

Confidential or secret information must not be disclosed at any time, either during or after employment in accordance with the Organisation’s Confidentiality Policy.

You are required to submit your person or property, including vehicles, to being searched whilst on the Organisation's premises, or at any time at the reasonable requirement of the Organisation.

Unofficial references or opinions about current or ex-employees must not be made or given to third parties under any circumstances.