What is it?

First things first - what is the British food fortnight? Every year starting late September and ending early October marks the two weeks of celebrating and appreciation for British food, as well as the farmers and butchers that provide good quality ingredients to make this happen.

The best thing about this event is that it is open to everyone. There is a competition on that is headed by Chef Raymond Blanc, it does not matter how old you are and it can be done from your own homes. This is the perfect chance for any residents of the Trust to get stuck in and show off their wonderful cooking.

How can you enter?

There are many ways to enter this competition, some ideas could be: Cook a traditional British dish, cook some hearty food for someone that has been through a lot during these times. Even bake heart shaped cakes or biscuits and you could even take some pictures of your favourite farm shop or butchers and nominate them for their British food sold.

So get stuck in and show off what traditional British dishes you can make and get them published on the British food fortnight website along with your stories on what it means to you.

For more information about the British food fortnight click HERE

We know many of the residents at Lench's Trust will be interested in showing off their dishes but if you know anyone that will be interested please spread the word so that many more people will know about British food fortnight.