Did you know every 10 minutes in the UK a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer? There are many early signs you can look for in order to identify potential breast cancer, if you feel a lump it is very important to get yourself checked out. It could be nothing but it will give yourself some peace of mind if you make an appointment to get a mammogram.

If you do have a lump it could be one of two things, a benign harmless lump or a malignant cancerous lump - the latter can be removed with a simple operation with no panic, as it would have been caught early.

Being physically active can reduce the risk of breast cancer by a huge 20% and there are a few campaigns out there in order to raise awareness in addition to keeping you active in order to reduce the risk.

Some campaigns include:

  • Breast Cancer UK's "25 Saves Lives Campaign" which is all about keeping oneself physically active with 25 days of continuous stretching. This will help raise money to put towards breast cancer.
  • Breast Cancer Now is launching a campaign to raise awareness on calling the government to have dedicated funding for breast cancer.
  • EBay are selling breast cancer awareness merchandise with 10% of each sale will be donated towards Macmillan Cancer research.

Even if you can't take part in any of these campaigns you can still show support and raise awareness by wearing a pink ribbon on your jacket or shirts in the name of Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Pink ribbon the symbol of Breast Cancer Awareness