The government have laid out their steps in which they will take in order to ease the lockdown through the UK's "Phase 3" procedure.

Actions the UK have already allowed.

Back in May the public was allowed to participate in unlimited exercise and even encouraged to go back to work if they cannot work from home. Moving into June the public was given permission to freely leave the house for any reason and even meet up with people from other households; this was still limited and the 2 metre social distancing rule would have to still take place. From June 15th all non-essential shops were allowed to open (This does not include Pubs, restaurants or hairdressers) and as long as they put in place certain measures to prevent against Covid-19, for example only allowing a certain amount of people with the store at any one time etc.

What is next?

The final step of "phase 3" will take place on 4th July. This means pubs, restaurants, hairdressers and other businesses of that industry are allowed to open back up with prevention against Covid-19 measures are put into place. Other places like places of worship are in fact allowed to reopen.

Stay Safe!

With the lockdown being eased means that we the public have to still be vigilant and remain safe, social distancing from others and keeping hands sanitised is still extremely important. Doing this will further limit the danger of Covid-19 from coming back and spreading once more. A few days ago half a million people crowded a beach in Bournemouth, actions like this must be stopped. The lockdown may be easing but it does not mean Covid-19 is gone.