With the pandemic came many lockdowns, self-isolation, online shopping and unfortunately a rise of scammers. Over the past year there has been one particular scam that has been making its rounds - that scam being the 'Delivery Text Scam'.

What is it?

The 'Delivery Text Scam' involves you receiving a text from a delivery company such as Royal Mail (however some scammers pretend to be Hermes or DPD etc.) and claim that you have an unpaid shipping fee, as seen in the image below, accompanied with a link to pay off said 'shipping fee' or face the risk of losing your parcel.

The link in question will take you to the delivery company's apparent website; from there you will be instructed to put in your bank details amongst some other personal information. This is how scammers can get your information; the website is 100% fake and is a mean of stealing your information.

The likely hood of falling for this is low, however, due to lockdown the chances of someone receiving this text and have actually ordered a parcel is high. Elderly people will be especially susceptible to this kind of scam, if not tech savvy.

What to do?

Should you receive one of these text messages; there are a few ways to deal with the situation;

  • The first being just to simply ignore the text - there is no unpaid fees you can just go ahead and delete the text message and you can't be scammed.
  • If you are unsure if the text is genuine or not just remember: Delivery companies will never call or text you asking for money! If you really want to know call the organisations official telephone number and confirm with them if a text has been sent out.
  • Never click on the link! This is the safest way to keep your information safe.

Remember to always report a scam to Action Fraud, they are the UK's Fraud and Cyber Crime reporting centre. They have the resources to go after these scammers.

If you are elderly and require more information on scams and how to deal with them: please visit ageUK. They have a plethora of information on a large number of scams and solutions on how to deal with them.



Keep safe online!