What is Aged Care Employment day?

Firstly, what is Aged Care Employment day? This day is dedicated to every single person out there, be it a carer or a cook, which provides care to the elderly. These people have gone above and beyond caring for those that received aged care services.

Because of these workers, it allows those that provide aged care services to create close bond with these people, often becoming friends. It is through work like this that is hugely appreciated and widely appreciated to the aged people that receive the services and their families too.

Give Thanks

To all those aged care employees we offer a huge thank you for what these employees do for these people. Especially now through this global pandemic. The past few months have not been easy but those providing aged care services have worked harder than ever to work through the outbreak and give service to the elderly that need it.

In addition

We would also like to thank everyone at the Lench’s Trust. They have been providing care to the aged people. Be it from the excellent care team making sure the residents get the care they need, the chefs in the restaurant providing hot meals for the residents that cannot cook themselves and even the scheme managers making sure the needs of all the residents are met in a safe and comfortable living space. In recent times, these same people at Lench’s Trust have worked even harder to make the lives easier for the aged residents.

Happy residents apart of Lench's Trust together