Valentine’s Day 2021 will be different from other years due to the pandemic and the UK being in its third lockdown meaning the usual measures are in place; all non-essential places are closed. With that being said most people will not be able to go to their favourite fancy restaurants or head to the cinema – do not worry! This article will provide some virtual ideas for you and your date on Valentine’s Day.

What is Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day also known as the Feast of Saints and it was originally a day to celebrate Saint Valentine. As history progressed through traditions and beliefs the day became synonymous with romance throughout the world – eventually adopting the heart and a winged cupid as its icon. The day is all about romance with people spending time with their other half or confessing to someone they have a crush on.

What can you do for a Virtual Valentine’s?

Order for each other

Typically all dates start with a nice drink and some dinner – so why not kick off your virtually date by sending each other some food. It will also double as a game to see how well you know each other! Order each other’s favourite food (or what you think is their fav.) to them and see how well you do. Either-way it’s a nice way to treat one another on Valentine’s Day and a great conversation starter!  

Movie night

Now that you have some grub enjoy it by watching a movie. Through online streaming you can virtually watch a movie together through sites like Netflix or Amazon prime. Depending on your tastes, Crunchyroll or Funimation might have what you are looking for. This is a fun way to virtually (and comfortably) spend some time together.

Have a great time

You can spend your virtual date talking, drinking and getting to know one another a bit better (especially if you didn’t order their favourite foods). This is a fun way to pass the time and make the virtual Valentine’s better.


Through these numerous lockdowns many people have been missing out on socialising so it is worth putting in that extra effort to make Valentine’s Day. Have a fun 14th!