Issue 8 - Published Monday 18th May

Lench's Trust Weekly Coronavirus Update

Whilst the government's new slogan "Stay Alert" has led to many varying interpretations over the last week, one message remains clear if you listen to the official broadcasts:

"Stay Alert - which means stay at home if you can as this is still the safest place"

Therefore we still strongly advise the residents to:

  • Stay at home, which in the case of the residents includes the grounds but not the communal areas;
  • Avoid contacts with people who are not from your household - this unfortunately still includes family members for the time being;
  • Keep the social distancing at all times;
  • Refrain from using public transport - especially when more people will be out to go to work.

Over the coming weeks the team will however be looking at further "opening up" whilst still maintaining social distancing, and in the first instance you should be able to:

  • Exercise more with Bobby, (William Lench Court Gym Instructor) setting up an outdoor exercise class in all 3 schemes. (Further details to follow soon);
  • Meet with 1 member of your family at a time, either in our gardens (safest place) or a communal area (by appointment only to avoid crowding).

Watch this space for further news. But in the meantime...

Please stay safe in your home and help us protect you!

Lench's Trust Measures

  • All communal areas are now fully closed, including the laundries;
  • Staff will attend the sites only minimum hours to reduce exposure and to protect both staff and residents:
    • Scheme Managers on site only to do a call around and check on the wellbeing of their residents:
    • Head Office Staff & Maintenance Staff organising and distributing shopping at Lench's Close and William Lench Court, collecting rubbish and distributing the post;
    • Maintenance staff and trusted contractor on standby for emergencies only;
    • Staff wearing PPE at all time.

Only key carers and staff allowed to come on site.

We are still recommending that all residents or staff with a health condition which puts them at higher risk to stay under strict isolation until further advice.

Our best wishes to Margaret Ford (William Lench Court and Amal Nour (care team) who will be celebrating their birthdays this week.

Wellbeing Matters: Top 5 tips to help you if you feel worried about the coronavirus.

  1. Stay connected - This could be via email, telephone or video call. Talk to your friends, family and networks. You can speak with staff by contacting the care team. You don't have to feel alone!
  2. Talk about your worries - It's good to talk and we all feel worried from time to time. It's good to share your concerns.
  3. Support and Help Others - You can help others too by getting in contact with them. I'm sure they will be glad to receive a message or better still, have a chat. Communication is a two way thing.
  4. Do things you enjoy - Your hobbies or try something new! Read a book, bake a cake, do a word search, watch a film or your favourite soap on TV. The list is endless!
  5. Look after you physical and mental wellbeing - Above everything else your health and mental wellbeing are important. Ensure you take time to relax your mind, eat and sleep.

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DON'T FIGHT THE PANDEMIC ALONE. We are here to help.

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