1. Eat well

The human body a like a finely tuned machine, in order to work its best and stay warm, it must be provided with high quality fuel that has the right mix of different components. For the body, these are protein, carbohydrates, fat and micro-nutrients; this may all seem very confusing but to get all of this, you simply eat well balanced meals. Things such as pasta with tuna and sauce or perhaps rice, chicken and vegetables are great options. If these types of food aren’t enjoyable to you, you can add small things that you like such as a few pieces of chocolate after a meal.                                                        

          Tuna pasta

2. Wear layers

Wrap yourself up, both inside and out. Wearing many layers of thin clothing can often be more effective for warmth than one thick coat because they’re generally made from wool, cotton or fleecy fibres which are great at insulating heat. The great thing about this method is that you can add and remove layers as you wish and not have to choose between being either hot or cold. The real bonus though, is taking off your Calvin Klein fleece and to the amazement of your friends, revealing an exquisite £200 cashmere silk sweater.


3. Eat warm, drink warm or not?

Although many of us have been raised with the idea that warm food and drink are brilliant for cold days and the temperature of the products increase your internal body temperature straight away once consumed (which is true), something called your “Basal body temperature” will change and attempt to counteract the hot substance and thus decrease it. Although both of these methods contradict each other, simply use whichever suits your situation, so if you’re inside a reasonably warm room, drinking some cold water wouldn’t be too bad but if you’re outside on your way somewhere, something warm would be a better option.

Sunday Lunch, soup and coffee are all good choices during cold times. Notably, coffee is a standout beverage for this purpose though and it’s not actually the temperature of it (as mentioned before, you’d perhaps be better drinking it cold!). The large amounts of caffeine contained within it also increase your metabolism, which then in turn encourages your body to use fuel.

          Iced coffee

4. Curtains and blinds

Depending on how the weather is outside, curtains and blinds can be used to help warm up your room; if the sun is shining through your window, open them to let in heat and when it begins to become colder, simply close them to insulate the heat that’s already inside; this is both easy and cost-efficient.


5. Hot water bottles

When going to bed around this time of year it can often become extremely cold and it may take a long while to become warm under your duvet, to speed this up, simply slip a hot water bottle under there and let it heat up your whole bed before getting in. Not only is this a great feeling after a hard day wondering around in the cold but also it ensures you get a great night's sleep!

          Hot water bottle