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Issue 3 - Published Monday 6th April

Lench's Trust Weekly Coronavirus Update

Latest Government Advice

On Monday 23rd March we introduced a complete lockdown of our 3 schemes, initially for a 2 week period but this is likely to last until the end of April now due to the rapid development of the pandemic.

To date the Government's Advice remains to:

  • Avoid going out to public places unless for food shopping;
  • In any case people over the age of 70 are STRONGLY advised to stay at home;
  • Social distancing - avoid ALL contacts outside you household. This includes family members;
  • If you have symptoms please self-isolate for 7 days. If you are no better after 7 days call 111 for advice - if someone in the house is showing symptoms then it'll be a total of 14 days self-isolation;
  • Do not go to your GP Practise - and in many instances now do call them only case of emergencies 

I am please to report that,  as the crisis unfolds, most residents, if not all, are now complying with the most stringent measures adopted by the Trust to save lives.


Lench's Trust Measures

  • All communal areas are now fully closed, including the laundry;
  • Staff will attend the sites only minimum hours to reduce exposure and to protect both staff and residents:
    • Scheme Managers on site only to do call arounds and check on the wellbeing of their residents;
    • Paul, Raffi & Karl briefly to make sure the sites are safe and attend to few tasks such as preparing the post for the residents at William Lench Court or shopping at Lench's Close & William Lench Court;
    • Maintenance staff and trusted contractors on standby for emergencies only;
    • Staff wearing PPE at all times.

                                                 ONLY KEY CARERS AND STAFF ALLOWED TO COME ON SITE

Stay Safe

Important warning

I would like to remind all to remain vigilant to stop opportunistic crimes at a time when the police is less visible, or at a time scammers will target the most vulnerable:

  • Do not let anyone you have never seen before approach you unless introduced by a member of staff - for example people knocking on your door and offering to run shopping trips or thieves posing as police officers or health visitors making Covid-19 checks in a bid to steal cash and valuables;
  • Do not open website links you do not know;
  • Always check with a member of staff first - criminals will often look genuine and use official UKGOV logos or fake IDs.

Stay Safe

Resident & Staff News

It is with sadness that we have to announce the death of a resident at William Lench Court due to the coronavirus - Mrs Ann Wilkins who passed away on Friday 20th March in hospital

Since then we have had:

  • A few residents at William Lench Court going into self-isolation due to symptoms - but no new cases confirmed to date and most residents out of isolation;
  • 2 cares in isolation for 14 days but now back at work;
  • 1 resident - Mike Turner - in hospital with suspected pneumonia;
  • No cases at Lench's Close or Tanner's Close.

Stay Safe

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