Published - Monday 28th September 2020

 Dear Resident(s),

Covid Update

As you know your safety and your wellbeing remain our priority and hopefully with your cooperation we will succeed again to keep the coronavirus at bay during this second wave.

More than 90% of residents are following guidance given by the government and reinforced locally by the Trust, and I want to thank them for that. We know it's a restriction on all our lives, but by playing your part, you are helping others and yourself.

Although some things have had to change, and more restrictions may yet have to be introduced as the rate of infection and of hospital admissions continue to rise, we are doing our upmost to maintain as normal a life as possible.

So please DO:

  • Enjoy your own apartment and the communal grounds as much as you can;
  • Invite in friends and family if they are a key worker or part of your support bubble;
  • Ask your visitors to sign in at the reception (William Lench Court) or leave their contact details with you if we need to "trace & track";
  • Attend the gym and/or the restaurant at William Lench Court;
  • Go out for a walk or a meal with a friend or a family member (but do keep safe in public spaces).

This may of course change if Government guidance changes, but we're aiming for that balance between protecting those who need it the most, and allowing the continuation of normal life.

However, in line with the government's guidance, please DON'T:

  • Mix households, which means you cannot visit each other's apartments nor a family member's, unless they are your key worker;
  • Gather on another resident's patio or close to;
  • Have gatherings of more than six people when visiting your family or socialising within or outside your scheme;
  • Share the lifts (at William Lench Court) or share a car in an case (please wear a mask when using a taxi);
  • Go out unnecessarily, especially to shops and public spaces.

Your home and your scheme are still your safest places. Help us keeping them that way. Thank you.

Kind Regards

Jean-Luc Priez

Chief Executive

Download the letter -  HERE