Published Monday 21st September 2020

Dear Resident(s)


Stark message this morning from Prof Chris Whitty, the government’s chief medical adviser, and Sir Patrick Vallance, the government’s chief scientific adviser:

 "As the disease spreads, there will be more hospitalisations and more deaths, and this has only started in England – however the increase could be exponential and the numbers could eventually get very high."

Prof. Whitty says there is no evidence that the virus has become weaker. Seasonal flu normally kills round 7,000 people a year - but coronavirus virus is more virulent.

Prof. Whitty says a lot of people argue that individuals should be allowed to choose how much risk they take, but if you take a risk, you are also exposing others to risk.

He says there are four things we can do:

  • First, as individuals, we can reduce our risk: “hands, face, space”.
  • Second, we can isolate the virus. If people have symptoms, they must self-isolate. People who do this are helping to keep the virus out of circulation.
  • Third, we must “break unnecessary links between households”. That means cutting contacts at work, and in social environments: “if we do not change course, we will find ourselves in a very difficult situation”.
  • Fourth, we can address the virus through science: “it is possible that some vaccine could be available in small amounts later this year, but it is more likely that a vaccine will be available early next year - although that is not guaranteed”.

.Further announcements from the Prime Minister are due tomorrow but, in the meantime, please continue to follow the precautionary measures introduced at Lench's Trust. Thank you.


Kind Regards