Curry is a very popular dish in Britain, eaten by almost everyone and some even claim it to be our new national dish. Even the residents over at William Lench Court love a delicious curry each Thursday at our restaurant. However, before we get into how you can celebrate Curry Week, let's first talk about its history.

The History of Curry Week

Curry Week has been a much-enjoyed event for the nation for 19 years, since its first event starting in 1998. The late Peter Grove founded the event (who unfortunately passed on 15th June). Peter Grove was a food journalist that has a huge passion for curry and other ethnic foods, this would then lead on to then create the "Best in Britain Awards", the Curry Capital of Britain and of course the National Curry Week. Though he will be greatly missed, his memory can live on through this event. His vision was to create awareness for the Indian restaurant industry as well as raising funds for many different charities including their official Curry Week charity - "Curry for Change"

The main goals of this event is to honour the nation's favourite cuisine, celebrate and support the Indian restaurant industry and finally raise money for poverty focused charities.

How can you get involved?

There are a number of ways to get involved during Curry Week. For example why not host your own curry night (stick to social bubbles to stay safe) where you could order from your local takeaway to support them. Alternatively, go the extra step and make your own curries to get a hand at Indian cuisine. Another option, provided you stay safe, is to visit your local restaurant and help them out. Even more so during these hard times.

Whatever you decide to do, please do not forget to get involved and share your curry week on social media to let others see how you are celebrating the week.