Issue 11 - Published Monday 8th June 2020

Lench's Trust Weekly Coronavirus Update 

Latest Update on the Pandemic

Whilst the lockdown is progressively relaxed in England (the other 3 National moving more cautiously the overall headlines - number of daily new cases, infection "reproduction" rate (the "R" number) - remains too volatile for us to stop being vigilant and becoming complacent.

"Stay Alert - which means stay at home if you can as this is still the safest place"

  • Stay at home, which in the case of the residents includes the grounds but not the communal areas;
  • Avoid contacts with people who are not from your household (for example other residents, home help - apart from in a few exceptional cases - deliveries and contractors);
  • Keep the physical distancing of 2 metres (6ft) at all times;
  • Meet with only one member of your family outdoors on Lench's Trust premises;
  • If you go & visit your family please stay in the garden and avoid indoor spaces;
  • Do not share a car with a family member or a friend not from your household.
  • Refrain from using public transport - especially when more people will be out to go to work, or the children back to school

Test & Trace. We have been asked many times why we cannot have all the residents and staff tested for the coronavirus:

  • Despite the promises made there is still neither the capacity nor the organisation to be able to do so - we can still wait days for any test kits to reach us, and still longer to have the results of any tests (as we know from experience with both residents and staff);
  • Our schemes are not care home (even William Lench Court despite the myth), so we would not have priority;
  • Any test is only a snapshot at a given time and would not mean any one individual cannot catch the virus nor that the schemes are safe, "virus-free".

Please stay safe in your community & help us protect YOU!

Lench's Trust Staffing Arrangements

  • All communal areas remain closed, including the laundries, until further notice;
  • Staff attend the sites only minimum hours to reduce exposure and to protect both staff and residents:
    • Scheme Managers on site only to do call arounds and check on the wellbeing of their residents;
    • Maintenance Staff have been redeployed to distribute the shopping at Lench's Close 7 William Lench Court, collect rubbish and distribute the post. They are starting to look after the grounds now that the residents are out and about;
    • Maintenance staff and trusted contractors on standby for essential maintenance work;
    • Staff wearing PPE at all times.

Our best wishes to Heather Rawicz at William Lench Court who will be celebrating her birthday this week.

Of course, as previously said, coming out of lockdown can be the most risky period: we all miss terribly our families and friends, we are all extremely frustrated with months confined in a smaller world than we are used to, and, yes, we all miss terribly a hug from a loved one!

It is important that we continue to look after each other:

  • Check how your friends or neighbours are by calling them;
  • Arrange to meet in the gardens (socially distancing) for a catch up or a good, healthy gossip;
  • If you have FaceTime or Skype organise a quiz or a bingo ( ask your Scheme Manager's or Heather's help);
  • Organise a bake off and/or a coffee morning - possibly as a fundraiser for a chosen charity;
  • Report to your Scheme Manager or a carer if you are concerned about the wellbeing of a fellow resident.

Please visit https://www.helpguide.org/home-pages/coronavirus-mental-health.htm for more on mental health and wellness.

Other Useful Contacts

Beware of Scams

Remember to keep alert as criminals are taking the opportunity to target vulnerable people with scam letters (including from DWP) of emails.

  •  Do not respond to, nor open your door to strangers;
  • When in doubt ask your Scheme Manager for advice.

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