Issue 10 - Published Monday 1st June 2020

Lench's Trust Weekly Coronavirus Update

Latest Update on the Pandemic

As you will see I have now changed the title of this section from "Latest Government Advice" to "Latest Update on the Pandemic", due to the many, often conflicting, advice given through the official channels (the Government's Daily Press Briefings and TV/radio advertisements) or the media.

At Lench's Trust we have erred on the side of caution since the pandemic was officially declared in March and often moved one step ahead of the official advice. This has lead us to take some decisions which have been both challenging for us as we had to learn new working practices and to adapt our environment, and challenging by some in terms of deprivation of liberties. We remain however as dedicated and focused as ever to continue with our test to protect the wellbeing and welfare of all, residents and staff alike.

the number of daily new cases of coronavirus is still too high in their 1,000s to be able to relax our vigilance and many of you will have seen on television, overcrowded beaches and parks yesterday, which may bring a second wave of infection earlier than anticipated - with PPE stock depleted, hospitals only just recovering from a recent peak, etc. It is with this in mind that we have no hesitation to reiterate the same message as last week:

"Stay Alert - which means stay at home if you can as this is still the safest place":

  • Stay at home, which in the case of the residents includes the grounds but not the communal areas;
  • Avoid contacts with people who are not from your household (for example other residents, home help - apart from in a few exceptional cases - deliveries and contractors);
  • Keep the physical distancing of 2 metres (6ft) at all times;
  • Meet with only on member of your family outdoors (see further below);
  • Refrain from using public transport - especially when more people will be out to go to work.

Please stay safe in your home & help us protect YOU!

Lench's Trust Measures

  • All communal areas are now fully closed, including the laundries;
  • Staff will attend the sites only minimum hours to reduce exposure and to protect both staff and residents:
    • Scheme Managers on site only to do call arounds and check on the wellbeing of their residents;
    • Head Office Staff and Maintenance Staff organising and distributing shopping at Lench's Close & William Lench Court, collecting rubbish and distributing the post;
    • Maintenance staff and trusted contractor on standby for emergencies only;
    • Staff wearing PPE at all time.

Only key carers and staff allowed to come on site

Our best wishes to Lois Heath at Tanner's Close who will be celebrating her this week.

Despite the official advice we are still recommending that all residents or staff with a health condition which puts them at higher risk to stay under strict isolation until further advice.

As mentioned before residents are now able, and we are recommending them to, meet family members - however we are still restricting visits to the schemes to only 1 family member at a time to keep it safe due to the limited, appropriate space available (i.e. avoiding congregation outside another resident's apartment). For this reason we have created a "safe haven" at William Lench Court and we hope many will take up the opportunity.

You may of course meet your family outside our scheme but please remember at all times - do not get a lift in a car, do not go indoors and (most difficult) keep the physical distancing of 2m (6ft) at all times.

To boast your emotional wellbeing and mental health remember to eat regularly, keep active (check out Bobby's Outdoor Exercise Classes), drink sensibly, do something you enjoy (for example a craft or an online course) and seek help for support, information and advice.

Enjoy the sun, stay safe and drink plenty of water!

Please visit https://www.helpguide.org/home-pages/coronavirus-mental-health.htm for more on mental health and wellness

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