Lench's Trust caters for people of 55 years old and above. In the case of a couple applying for housing, both individuals would have to be 55 years old and above to meet the criteria. We also expect our applicants to have been living in Birmingham for at least the past 5 years or have a connection to the city, for example a relative who may be their main carer. You will also need to have an assessment of your needs for sheltered housing in an almshouse.

As Lench's Trust is an Almshouse Charity it would be expected that the applicant is somewhat 'in need', whether this is a financial, social or housing need. The exception to these rules is William Lench Court which comprises of apartments of different tenure (including shared ownership, one and two bedrooms) and the availability of an in-house Care Team 24/7, should it be required - therefore in this capacity we also cater for health needs.