Winston Churchill Day 2021

Friday 9th April 2021 is National Winston Churchill Day. This day is honoured to the late Prime Minister – Sir Winston Churchill. It was with his leadership that steered England through the dark days of the war. Click here to read more… Read more

Tolkien Reading Day 2021

Today (25th March 2021) is Tolkien Reading Day; a day dedicated to celebrating the work of J.R.R. Tolkien by reading some your favourite bits from his books. Click here to read more… Read more

Saint Patrick’s Day 2021

Saint Patrick’s Day, a traditional Irish holiday celebrated by the folks in the Republic of Ireland and people of the Irish diaspora. In this article, we will take a look at who Saint Patrick was and how the day commemorating him is traditionally celebrated; not to mention a few tips on how you can virtually celebrate at home. Click here to read more…. Read more

I want you to be happy day!

March 3rd is I want you to be happy day; It’s all about giving people a chance to brighten someone else’s day with just simple acts of kindness. Try to reach out to those that need someone to talk to - especially because of the pandemic – many people have found themselves to be isolated so a simple act of kindness could be give them a call and make their day. Click here to read more... Read more

St. David's Day 2021

March 1st is celebrated as St. David's Day - a Welsh celebration that involves lots of feasting commemorating the patron saint of Wales. In this article you will learn about who this patron saint was and why he is celebrated. Click here to read more... Read more

Happy Chinese New Year 2021

Today is the Chinese New Year; year of the Ox. Let’s take a look on how the Chinese New Year is celebrated and what the Year of the Ox means. Click here to read more… Read more

A Virtual Valentine’s

Valentine’s Day 2021 will be a little different this year due to the pandemic and the lockdown restrictions. That being said most people will not be able to go out to fancy restaurants or head to a cinema this year; this article aims to provide some virtual ideas that you and your date can do on Valentine’s Day. Click here to read more… Read more

Time to Talk Day 2021

Thursday 4th February is the annual Time to Talk (about mental health) day. Throughout this campaign, it gives us a chance to open up to mental health by talking and listening to others. Through even the smallest talk about mental health can make a b Read more

Potential tightening of lockdown rules

Despite going in for a third lockdown, the UK could potentially tighten its rules even further to make sure that everyone adheres to the lockdown and further reduces Covid cases. Click here to read more... Read more

Brew Monday 2021

The 3rd Monday of this month will be known as "Brew Monday", a nice event encouraging people to have a virtual cuppa tea together! Click here to read more... Read more