Keeping Healthy with a Balanced Diet

With Covid cases on the rise again and the weather is slowly getting colder it is important to keep yourself healthy and keep your immune system up by eating a healthy well balanced diet. Click here to read more... Read more

Did you know: Countries?

In this next article of 'Did you know', we will be looking at the facts of many different countries around the world and then at the end there will be a crossword to test your knowledge! The goal of these articles are to help alleviate some of the boredom set in by being stuck at home because of the government restrictions. Click here to get started... Read more

Did you know: United Kingdom?

With new restrictions place on Birmingham and with it being advised to not go out if you can help it, we think this is the best chance to get the mind boggling for those stuck inside looking for something fun to learn. This article will be the first of the 'Did you know?' articles with some fun facts and puzzles to keep you entertained (and maybe learn something new) while you are stuck at home! Click here if you are interested in learning more... Read more

Battle of Britain - 80th Anniversary

Tuesday 15th September 2020 is the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Britain. Click here to learn more about the history of the Battle of Britain and how it is celebrated... Read more

V-J Day 75th Anniversary

Wednesday 2nd September is the 75th anniversary marked the end of the Second World War, the end of the fighting as Japan signed its act of surrender. Today was a great day for Britain celebrating victory in the Far East. Click here to read more... Read more

Safe Travels, Safe Shopping...

With everyone returning back to work and school, as of Tuesday 1st September - Public Transport and everywhere else will start to see more people passing through. This article will highlight the risks of not traveling with protection and what guidelines/advice you should follow to keep your travels safe... Read more

Oddfellows Friendship month

From the 1st September, – 30th September is the Oddfellows friendship month. This a celebration about friendship and bringing people together. At the Lench’s Trust, many residents meet and become the best of friends while living there. Let us look at what the friendship month is about. Read more… Read more

British Food Fortnight

19th September - 4th October is when British food fortnight happens. It is on every year and is a perfect chance to show off your classic British dishes or even share stories of hard working farmers and their shops. This is open to all and from the safety of your own home. Click here to read more... Read more

Aged Care Employee Day

Friday 7th August marks the Aged care employee day. This day is dedicated to every person that provides care to elderly people, from carers to cooks and everyone in between. Read more

National Preserving Week 2020

Next week is a collection of events that are designed to get people preserving their food and help others that need it. This is especially important to elderly people that may struggle with getting food especially through these times of pandemic and lockdown. Read more... Read more