Walking around our Quinton scheme (William Lench Court), I was stopped by Ken, a resident living on the site, he told me that the road he lived on as a child no longer exists since it was bombed during World War II. Here is the story in his words:

As a young kid I used to live near Bristol street in Edgbaston, around the area Bristol Street Motors and Monaco house is. I lived on Benacre street which ran parallel to Ashley street and something called the Grove joined them together (it was a coal yard and merchants used to sell milk and blocks of salt there). My older brother was stood at the entry of the road and saw a parachute swoop over our house and land in the grove, as soon as it hit the ground it exploded. It was a mine attached to the parachute and it killed many people, in our house the windows had all been smashed as well as the door being blown off. We were in the cellar and got out fine but we never went back in the house, both of the streets were badly damaged and they no longer exist, my friend has a book about old Birmingham and its streets, you can find my old street in there.

I was only six at the time and we ended up in Rednal, Leach Green lane in the village hall with people in the same situation as us and we slept on the floor for two to four weeks. A couple who lived on the road took us up, it was a man and woman and the house is still there to this day. They had a big house with four bedrooms, a front room, middle room, living room and a kitchen at the back. They gave us their front room and two or three bedrooms since there was myself, my mum and dad, my brother and three sisters, we all lived there till my dad who worked for the council in the lighting department was offered a house in Woeley Castle since the previous owners were evicted for not paying the rent. That’s where I lived for the next twenty years until getting married. 

Ken Canton - William Lench Court resident