Resident Eileen Campbell of William Lench Court had often told me of how she had met another resident many years ago while working in a hospital and her life while living in Northern Ireland. Here is the story in her words:

I don't remember a lot about from when I was younger, only when I was a bit older. I was born in 1947 in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland as one of eight children and my father was a farmer, so I grew up on farm, which was very enjoyable at a young age. There were always ten or more cows on the farm, a milking machine and a Border Collie who'd round up the cows at milking time and take them back to the field afterwards. I helped out on the turf, planting potato seeds, picking them back up in the cold of winter and feeling like my hands were going to fall off. My parents were nice people, my mum was always "busy, busy, busy" in the kitchen while my dad was out in the farm, once breakfast was over she was planning dinner, it seemed like all she did was eat.

Later on I worked in a psychiatric unit inside general hospitals, I enjoyed it apart from one time I was cleaning a man's locker and he stormed up and threatened me. I also worked in a chemists for a few years, after leaving I stayed at home for quite a while, my sister was working in Birmingham at Dudley Road Hospital, so I came to Birmingham too at the age of twenty two. I got married the same year and subsequently had three kids, a boy first and two girls after. Eldest daughter is married and living in Erdington, she has a job looking after patients in a small care home. My other daughter is working in the QE, she studied and passed her exams, so now she's a fully qualified nurse there. Funnily enough I met a resident from here many years ago, it was 5 in the morning in Dudley Road Hospital when someone called Stan was rushed in for an emergency, he ended up living here and I recognised him straight away when meeting him, I said "I recognise you", and told him about back then and he started telling me what he remembered about it. The agency nursing meant that I never stayed in one place, sometimes it'd be Dudley Road,other times the QE and a few times in peoples houses, I remember once having to look after someone's wife for a while. 

        Eileen Campbell - William Lench Court resident

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