You are invited to attend Lench's Trust's Annual Residents Conference, which will be held at William Lench Court with Trustees and Staff in attendance.

This conference is YOUR event, giving you the opportunity to both celebrate your life at Lench's Trust and engage in a meaningful manner with the Trustees to make decisions about YOUR future.

We hope that you will be able to attend this FUN event - please let your Scheme Manager know to arrange transport and plan for the day.


  • 10.00 am - Welcome by Leke Sholuade, Chairman

Leke will give an overview of the Trust's achievement over the last couple of years, introducing the Impact Report for 2021

  • 10.15 am - How the trust works for you - session chaired by Dr Phil Hughes, resident at Lench's Close

Trustees & Staff will introduce themselves and explain to residents the Trust's leadership and management structure - from the Board of Trustees to committees to the Senior Management Team.

There will be opportunities for residents to meet Trustees and Managers individually.

  • 11.00am - Introduction of new call & communication system

Managers will introduce the new call system which will be installed throughout the Trust from October onwards - with plenty of opportunities to have hands-on with the equipment.

  • 12.00pm - Eat and Natter

  • 1.00pm - Feedback from residents workshop on satisfaction survey - presented by Angus Rodger, resident at Tanner's Close

The recommendations made during a residents workshop held on Tuesday 14th June will be presented for a wider discussion.

  • 2.00pm - Lets have fun!