Good Friday is celebrated every year and is a holy day observed by the Christian community that takes place the Friday before Easter. This year Good Friday is celebrated on Friday 7th April with Easter celebrated on Sunday 9th April.

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What is Good Friday?

On the Friday before Easter is Good Friday, this day was typically observed as a day of sorrow, fasting and penance. However, the day signifies the crucifixion and the death of Christ, allowing Christians to spend the day reflecting on their sins and reciting devotional prayers.

For Christians it allows them to remember the suffering and dying of Christ before making the resurrection, reminding people of the ultimate sacrifice Jesus Christ made to atone for humanity's sins and in turn allowing others to reflect on their own sins and find mercy.

What is Easter?

For non-Christians Easter is all about bunnies, lambs and of course eggs (specifically of the chocolate variety). This day is much anticipated for both adults and children alike whether it's because of all chocolate or the children being off school for the two-week period.

However, do you know why Easter is associated with eggs? Well that's because in the past the church prohibited people from eating eggs during the Holy Week and with eggs continually being laid during that time, the Holy Week was soon identified with eggs and that was the main "icon" for its decoration. Furthermore, the egg was also seen as a symbol of resurrection as it symbolises new life - just as Jesus Christ rose from the tomb.

Though it was actually the United States that popularised Easter Egg hunts. Soon after it was said that it was the Easter bunny who would lay chocolate eggs and hide them. After that it slowly caught on around the world, becoming a staple holiday in the West.

Fun ways to celebrate around Birmingham

There are tons of fun activities to do around Birmingham during the Easter holiday. These activities will appeal to both children and adults alike. Please see below a fun list of activities that you can take part in:


This website offers plenty of Easter adventures in nature around Birmingham and the West Midlands. Discover their family-friendly with fun activities for you to do along the way. They have the perfect incentive to complete their trails – a chocolate reward!


Visit Birmingham offers a selection of activities you can do over the Easter holidays. Take a look and see what fun you can find.

Happy Easter and have a Good Friday!



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