Throughout the entire month of July is Good Care Month, it aims to acknowledge the hard-working social care workers and the services they provide for those in need.

Within the UK we have an ageing population with life expectancy significantly increased through recent decades meaning within the healthcare system. Social care plays are huge role. But why is that the case?

Firstly, as mentioned above, within the UK we have an ageing population but social care is not limited just to the elderly. Social care encompasses all age ranges and walks of life from child protection, adult social care and even end-of-life care. In today's society, the demand for social care is ever-growing. To summarise, social care is aimed at those vulnerable and in need of assistance allowing for individuals to live fulfilling lives.

What does social care aim to achieve?


Be our best selves

Every individual had the right to live out their lives to the fullest, being their best selves. Social care allows people to live out their lives normally, and carry out takes that they otherwise would not be able to do.

This could be in the form of emotional, physical or social support. Social care can change the lives of people and offer experiences that they wouldn't otherwise be able to do.



Social care allows people to live with dignity and with as much independence as they can, where possible. This is a massive confidence booster for people that would otherwise struggle to carry out their daily tasks as, without some form of social care, many people could face isolation and struggle with confidence.


Financial issues 

Social care is the only way for some people to look after themselves. However, social support allows for people with a lack of funding to get the basic needs they are entitled to without feeling neglected and ignored.


Social Care

In recent years, mainly due to Covid-19, the social care system has taken a huge negative impact. Due to this, the sector is facing a huge crisis due to staff shortages and funding (its especially bad if you take into account that the social area was already struggling.)

Furthermore, social care is underfunded making it difficult for those in need of care to access the support that they deserve and so urgently need.

Social care however is still a viable career path, one that is in desperate need of your support and Good Care Month is all about showing you the benefits of working in the social care industry.


Good care with social care

Becoming a social care worker can be very fulfilling for those passionate about the job. The role of a social care worker is to support people who live with special needs, or disabilities, are going through personal crises or need just that extra support to get through everyday life. In addition to providing support it will help you build relationships with said individuals, all while taking note of any cause of concern, organising events and taking part in outings.

These of course are only a few potential tasks a social care worker would have to do. However, each role varies greatly. It'll help that you would want to make a difference, leaving a positive impact on people's lives. Some skills that are needed to achieve that are:

  • A desire to help individuals 
  • Communication skills
  • Patience 
  • Empathy.



Take some time during the month to celebrate the great work done by social workers throughout the month. Keep an eye out for the different campaigns like the HCPA where you can share stories, photos and videos of the good care provided by different services.

This is all in aid to create a vision where all adults receiving care are provided with a service of true quality. This service should be personalised and tailored to individual needs.