Joan Condon at Lench's Close

26 September 2011

"My first day here was a lovely summer's day - July 1st 1993. It felt a little strange because I'd lived with my sister all my life and she'd sadly died. I was getting used to living on my own and I didn't know Moseley very well but everyone was extremely friendly and helpful. I settled down very happily. I remember the first Christmas - it was a lovely Christmas, and we had a gentleman playing Father Christmas; it was really nice and homely. I've been happy and settled here. I've seen a lot of changes, and I'm taking life as it comes and being happy with it."

"They've always told us it's our home, and we should treat it as our home so we can come and go freely. That's what I like. You just feel that when you go out and then come back in again, you're coming home. I think that's the best that you can say about anything. I've always been used to being in my own home and I think this is the best you can do when you're getting old. You know that you're in a secure place and you've got people around you to help you when you need help, and I don't think you can ask for much more than that."

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